NY: Deaf Foundations I & II Hotel Info


Resource: Archived newsletters of The TBC News, from The Bicultural Center circa 1988-1993. The topics in these newsletters offer historical perspective and continue to be relevant decades later.

We did not reserve block of rooms at a local as there will not be enough of us to make it worthwhile. For hotel within Rochester area can be found at https://www.trivago.com

(I made a mistake in the video. Holiday Inn and CDR is on State Street and around the corner is Main street are the other 3 hotels.) 

Hyatt Regency Rochester, Holiday Inn, Rochester Riverside Hotel and Hilton Garden Inn Rochester Downtown is the closest to Center for Disability Rights office. There are restaurants within the downtown areas. Most will require some driving to get there. or Uber.

The hotels along Jefferson Road near RIT offers variety of shopping and eating. Some hotels are cheaper than others. 

If you are considering AirBnB.com I would focus on East Avenue, Park Avenue and many breweries and eateries are along Park Avenue.   Monroe Avenue further away from the city is good. Again some driving/Uber to get around, Corn Hill is updated over the last few years to be historical district near by. Frederick Douglass and Susan B Anthony resided within this area.

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