MD: Etna Project 2018-2019

 The Etna Project MD 2018-2019


Blue Mountain Retreat Center in Knoxville, MD

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Etna Project MD: 2018-2019


About Betty M. Colonomos

Betty M. Colonomos, currently serving as Director of the Bilingual Mediation Center, is a fluent ASL/ English bilingual. Her academic background is in Deaf Education/Speech Pathology (B.S.), Counseling (M.A.) Linguistics (Doctoral program). Betty holds the Masters Comprehensive Skills Certificate (MCSC) from RID. She was the second recipient of the Mary Stotler Award for excellence in Interpreter Education from CIT. Betty has chaired and served on many national committees on standards and evaluation of interpreters and served as President of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT). Ms. Colonomos has authored and appeared in video materials on interpreting and she co-authored (with MJ Bienvenu) videos on Deaf Culture, ASL Facial Grammar, and ASL Numbers. She worked as an International Sign interpreter for numerous conferences worldwide.

Betty also consults with schools and the legal system as an expert on linguistic and cultural issues impacting the Deaf Community. Betty is the developer of the Integrated Model of Interpreting (IMI), which is the most widely used model in the U.S. for teaching cognitive processes in interpreting. She teaches the Foundations of Interpreting Series for hearing, coda (Deaf-parented), and Deaf interpreters that combines the IMI with a Vygotskyan approach to learning. Betty is the creator of the Etna Project (2002–present) held in New Hampshire and Maryland. The project is a series of retreats supporting a Community of Reflective Practitioners who are interpreters committed to their own growth as they seek to become change agents in the field of interpreting.

 Additional references to Betty's contributions to the field can be found here, on the BMC website. Click on the timeline image to see the history of Betty Colonomos' work in the interpreting field spanning roughly four decades! (Or use the Main Menu and click on BMC History.)

Important Message re: Registration

Etna Project and Diversity

The Etna Project Alumni fully support the inclusion of diversity among interpreters attending the series. We recognize that various perspectives are essential to the forward movement of our profession and our work together as colleagues. This series has designated 7 of 23 seats to be prioritized for interpreters who identify as part of a cultural group that may be under-represented at Etna.

Everyone is invited to add themselves to the waiting list. You will be registered and waiting for a seat. As we receive registrations from interpreters of color and culturally diverse heritage, we will fill those 7 reserved seats. At some point in mid-September, we will release any remaining seats to those on the waiting list.

Register now and add your name to the waiting list (no deposit due until you are confirmed). If you are an interpreter of color or identify as part of a cultural group that has been under-represented, you will be contacted by Anne Braun (coordinator) to complete the payment process. If you are a white interpreter, you will only be contacted in the event that any of the reserved seats for interpreters of under-represented cultural groups are not filled or if someone cancels their registration.

Thank you for your patience during this process.


Alternate Payment Plan

In our effort to be fully inclusive, we recognize that some interpreters may benefit from a payment plan to register for Foundations of Interpreting seminars. If you would like to register for a seminar but need to make alternate payment arrangements, contact the coordinator first to establish a plan.

Non-discrimination Statement

This seminar series will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.

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Filming Foundations

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Foundations of Interpreting

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