IMI Seminars in ASL

NOTE: These IMI Seminars will be conducted in ASL, without interpretation.

Preference is given to Deaf and Coda interpreters.

these seminars are conducted in ASL

Event Start Date Price Capacity Registrations Completed Remaining Seats Register Now
Why Are You Saying That? (ASL) 10-17-2020 5:00 pm Cost is $65. 15 0 15
The Interpreting Field: Myths and Facts (ASL) 10-28-2020 6:00 pm Cost is $65. 15 0 15 Registration opens on 09-30-2020
The Interpreting Brain (ASL) 11-05-2020 6:00 pm Cost is $65. 15 0 15 Registration opens on 09-30-2020
Who Is In Control (ASL) 11-23-2020 6:00 pm Cost is $65. 15 0 15 Registration opens on 09-30-2020

Presenters, coordinators, and participants of this educational opportunity agree to promote an environment of mutual respect, free from bias and discrimination. 

Please note, this statement does not preclude "difficult conversations" and aims to create environments where learning and honest dialogue can happen.


CEU information is posted on each seminar registration page.

IMI Seminars with Foundations I & II Prerequisite in ASL

We are developing IMI Seminars in ASL for people who have experience with Foundations and the IMI.

These seminars will have Foundations I and II as a prerequisite, ideal for those who are looking for deeper exploration.

Foundations of Interpreting

The Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series provides insights into The Integrated Model of Interpreting and the processes we engage in while interpreting. More information on the series as well as a schedule of current seminars being offered: click here.

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Foundations: Going Further

If you've attended Foundations I & II in recent years and would like to participate in further exploration of what you learned there, Foundations: Going Further may be just what you need during our time of social distancing. For more info about this online series, click here.