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BMC and MJBCo-directors Betty M. Colonomos and MJ Bienvenu developed innovative workshops that pushed the envelope for the interpreting field and the Deaf community around issues of the day. Not surprisingly, some of those issues remain today.

The monthly newsletter, TBC News, highlighted many of these issues, inspiring many to rally for change in their own thinking and in the communities where they lived. We've made available this digital archive of the TBC News here as historical reference and still relevant topics for our communities.

TBC Co-director Betty M. Colonomos

TBC Co-director MJ Bienvenu

TBC News

TBC News

Archived newsletters, The TBC News, from The Bicultural Center circa 1988-1993. The topics in these newsletters offer historical perspective that continue to be relevant over 30 years later.

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Deaf Interpreters by Steven Collins and Holly P. Roth

Mainstreaming: The Most Restrictive Environment for Most Deaf Children by Jess Freeman King, Ed.D.


TBC Celebrates 5th Anniversary! by Sarah Rauber, Newsletter Coordinator

Judith Treesberg: A Woman with Vision


Gallaudet Security Guards Acquitted... What? by Sarah Rauber

The Real Meaning of "Least Restrictive Environment" for Deaf Children byThe TBC News Editorial Board


Thankful for the Deaf Community by Audrey Shortreed

ASL In Schools Conference: A Golden Opportunity by MJ Bienvenu

How in the World Have Deaf People Survived by Andrea A. Feldman


"Caitlin's Story" on 60 Minutes by Ronald Coffey

Cochlear Implant: Sure-fire Prescription for Long Term Disaster by Ann Silver

Questions Regarding the Ethically-Charged Cochlear Implant Debate by Holly Roth


Music in the Deaf Community? by Holly Roth

The Presidential Inaugural Committee: Portrait of OppressionThe Deaf View by Myrna Aiello

The Presidential Inaugural Committee: Portrait of OppressionThe Hearing View by Sarah Rauber

Stop the Music? Stop the Oppression! excerpts of letters to the editor of Silent News


Scholarship Fund for BIPOC Interpreters

BIPOC interpreters face challenges to be valued and recognized for their contribution to the field. BMC values these interpreters, offering scholarship funds for every seminar through donations from the interpreting community, BMC, and other supporters. We invite participation from our BIPOC colleagues.

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Scholarship Fund for Deaf Interpreters

Seminars conducted in ASL are designed to ensure that Deaf Interpreters have opportunities and choice of high quality professional development. Donations from the larger interpreting community and other supporters allow BMC to provide access to seminars for our Deaf Interpreter colleagues at lower cost.

Click here to contribute to the Deaf Interpreter Scholarship Fund.

Foundations of Interpreting

The Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series provides insights into The Integrated Model of Interpretingand the processes we engage in while interpreting. Click here for more information on the series as well as a schedule of current seminars being offered.

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