TBC News, Issue 65


from *Resistance to American Deaf Culture: Ten Reasons Why

"People in majority cultures often cleverly use language to maintain power. Throughout history, people have tried to control activism by branding certain individuals as radical or militant, such as Malcolm X or Desmond Tutu. There is no difference when it comes to activism in the Deaf Community."

"An activist is a person who fights for the rights of her/his own people, or in support of another group or cause. An activist is someone who has strong convictions and is willing to speak out. Yet, all too often the majority culture exercises the power of language and tries to turn this positive image into a negative one by using labels such as militant or radical. This tactic is often successful, for when others see the label, they begin to doubt and distrust the motives of the activist."

*This issue needs to be rescanned for missing page(s) in this article.

 from Is the Deaf Community at Risk?

"The Deaf Community welcomes interpreters into our community for language interaction and exposure, trusting that this information is confidential, and not meant for people outside the community. Are we at risk? Yes, I believe we are. We allow you into our world, yet some interpreters use this information for your personal gain. What will you as interpreters and we as the Deaf Community do about this?"


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