TBC News, Issue 64


from Deaf and Hearing Teams

"We’ve been learning how to maintain our identities on the basis of equality while working together. When we are able to preserve our identities and cultures, we can respect one another as equally as possible. Then we are ready to focus more clearly on the goals of our projects and work toward them." - Patrick Graybill

"We have also submitted ourselves to certain disciplines (like following some group process agreements called the “Rules of Cooperation”) which give us tools to handle conflicts. I think we both genuinely respect and admire each other. We can delight in each other’s gifts. We are “equal” because, of course, that’s the true reality! No one is better than another. We know that. Perhaps importantly, we have a clear sense of our own identity that frees us up to enjoy someone who is different, without becoming confused or feeling the need to become like that other person." - Charlotte Baker-Shenk

 from TBC Reflections

"It has been a year of victories and brick walls. We see more and more Deaf people becoming empowered. More hearing people are taking a hard look at their own place in the Deaf community and choosing to be allies. Educational institutions are beginning to question their audist policies and assumptions"

"TBC was founded with a clear focus: creating positive ways in which Deaf and hearing people can respect each other and work together in a pluralistic framework. Audism is a human rights issue. Where there is audism, there is also racism, sexism, ageism, and homophobia. Our challenge is to embrace the fight for human rights without being swallowed up by the larger social issues."


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