TBC News, Issue 63


from Coordination Nationale Anti-Implants Cochléaires

"The conference organizers felt very threatened by our presence and came outside to meet us and deliver long speeches about the importance of non-violence and how we live in a democracy where everyone has a right to their expression."

"We stayed very calm, and explained our situation: we had signed up 20 people, but their registrations were refused and sent back to us. The conference organizers claimed that they had been received after the deadline, but this was false, since other people who sent in their registration on the same day were admitted with no problem. Later, the conference organizers admitted that they were scared we “would be too violent.""

from Acting Upon Your Beliefs

"Frankly, after four days of the conference, I was becoming bored and a little annoyed at the attitude toward the Deaf participants. I didn’t realize that all of you (150 plus interpreters) could sign. WHY DIDN’T YOU SIGN ALL ALONG? When you sign, Deaf and hearing participants both get the message at the same time.”"

"Recently, Deaf interpreter, Steve Kimble, spoke candidly to PCRID board members, “In a mixed conference setting when hearing interpreters use spoken English, it is offensive!” Many hearing interpreters agree."

 from My Nightmare in Las Vegas

"The day I arrived at the Flamingo Hilton Hotel, I was told I couldn’t get reasonable accommodation (TTY and caption decoder) for my room unless I paid a $300 deposit. Yep, that’s right! Boy, was I shocked."

"I refused to do this and wanted to speak to the hotel manager about the ADA law. The law doesn’t say that anyone who is “disabled” has to pay a deposit to receive reasonable accommodations, but only requires businesses to provide reasonable accommodations."


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