TBC News, Issue 62


from Pride And Pluralism

"The founders of our country were pluralists: they wanted to create a nation in which all ethnic, religious and cultural groups could be free to live as they chose while working together for the common good. Unfortunately, that ideal has been mostly forgotten today. Instead of pluralism, we are urged to assimilate into the American way of life . . . that is, what the majority of white hearing people think it should be."

 from Nunc Aut Nunquam (Now or Never)

"We Deaf people want our Deaf culture to be recognized. Dr. Melvin Garreston said of ASL: “To know, once and for all, that our ‘primitive’ and ‘ideographic gestures’ are really a formal language on a par with all other languages of the world is a step towards pride and liberation.” We want our First Deaf teacher in America, Laurent Clerc, to be recognized. We want to be truly recognized, to be positively tolerated, to be sincerely embraced, and to be whole-heartedly celebrated."


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