TBC News, Issue 53


from "Caitlin's Story" on 60 Minutes by Ronald Coffey

"Ed Bradley opened the segment by telling viewers how captivated he was by this “7-year-old charmer” who “hears almost nothing except when she is hooked up to a remarkable device called a cochlear implant.” He went onto say that 7,500 people from around the world have the implant."

"The next scene shows Caitlin singing in a music class."


from Cochlear Implant: Sure-fire Prescription for Long Term Disaster by Ann Silver

"FDA has consistently ignored swift objections and demands for its withdrawal. The FDA has successfully polarized the conflict by placing the Deaf community in opposition to the powerful lobbyists from the implant industry (including the medical and special education professions). The FDA’s primary goal is to create cash. Their second motive is cultural-linguistic extermination. Their third motive is manipulation to galvanize emotional unity."

from Questions Regarding the Ethically-Charged Cochlear Implant Debate by Holly Roth

"Questions are quite useful in an ethically-charged debate. We have been wondering how the FDA, armed with what seems to be very shoddy evidence, has made the far-reaching conclusion that surgical implants on children aged two years and above are medically safe and statistically successful. TBC would like to know if the medical community has ever considered the following questions, which many people in the Deaf community are asking..."

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