TBC News, Issue 51 HOT!


from Gallaudet Security Guards Acquitted... What? by Sarah Rauber

"On 9 November, 1990, a Deaf student activist, Carl DuPree, was killed in a struggle with Gallaudet security ofiicers (See TBC News #31, Dec. 1990). Four guards were indicted by a Grand Jury and charged with involuntary manslaughter. After a three-week‐long trial this October, jurors deliberated for just four hours before they came to the conclusion that the guards were not guilty of excessive force (from a chokehold)."


from The Real Meaning of "Least Restrictive Environment" for Deaf Children by The TBC News Editorial Board

"Because deafness is a low incidence disability and because of the ramifications of cultural, communication and social concerns as they influence and affect the educational process, the magnet school for the deaf may be the least restrictive environment in which the needs of many deaf children can be met. Moreover, if serious doubt exists concerning the capability of a more integrated site to satisfy the diverse needs of a child with hearing loss, full consideration of magnet schools is both appropriate and, at times, required."


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