TBC News, Issue 50


from TBC Celebrates 5th Anniversary! by Sarah Rauber, Newsletter Coordinator

"We thought readers might be curious about MJ’s and Betty’s perceptions, so I jotted down some questions, and went about the task of interviewing them."

"What has been the most memorable event you have witnessed as co-director of TBC?"

"What was the impetus that led you to establish TBC?"

"A lot of people look to you as a role model. Who have been your role models?"

"What impact has TBC had on the Deaf community?"

"What is the biggest challenge you face now?"

from Judith Treesberg: A Woman with Vision

"Uninterested in becoming another “expert” with yet another theory, JT believes change will only come from the people. Inspired by the works of educator Paulo Freire, she believes in the philosophy of giving people access to information, from which their own opinions can be shaped by their own truths. Through TBC news, she would light a fire every montha nd ignite people to action."


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