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from Deaf Interpreters by Steven Collins and Holly P. Roth

"Why do we need Deaf interpreters? If you have ever seen a Deaf interpreter in action, you will know communication with foreign Deaf people, Deaf people with little or no language skills, and for any Deaf person who just wants to be able to enjoy an interpretation with ease without having to fill in some gaps and figure out incorrect grammatical structures. At a recent rally in Washington, DC, there were Deaf people in the audience whose chins literally hit the ground when they saw a Deaf interpreter working for the first time. One person said, “That is the first time I understood everything without even having to think. It was so beautiful . . . pure ASL!!”"

from Mainstreaming: The Most Restrictive Environment for Most Deaf Children by Jess Freeman King, Ed.D.

"A situation has been created which is causing more and more Deaf children to be lost educationally, emotionally, and socially. In the name of “inclusion” and ‘mainstreaming", the Deaf child’s linguistic, socio-cultural, communication, and language development needs are often inadequately addressed, if not totally disregarded."


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