TBC News, Issue 46


from Eager for Change by Charlotte Baker-Shenk

"It was my responsibility to provide two ASL/English team interpreters for a national conference in a southern state in which one Deaf person would participate and make a presentation. Not knowing any qualified interpreters in that area, I made perhaps 20 phone calls to people-who-knew‑people, trying to find persons with ASL competence, English competence (including the specialized vocabulary of this conference), skill in the interpreting process (and certified), with non-patronizing and non‑controlling attitudes."

We Want it to Happen Now by Janet S. Weinstock and Michael H. Weinstock

"If the school is so concerned with meeting the individual needs of each child, then why have our sons’ needs been systematically ignored ?"

"As parents, we are frustrated that classroom instruction in American Sign language and written English is not being encouraged until research has been conducted to prove the points that Deaf people over the years have been trying to make. It takes years and years of research to show a bit of tangible evidence. But our sons are growing older each day, and we cannot afford to lose more valuable time."

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