TBC News

TBC News, Issue 5

The Video Revolution??? by Judith Treesburg

Patti Wilson: A Live Interview

Viewing Politics

Language and Power: The Impact of Status by Sandra Gish

Teaming Up for Quality by Vivian Berry

Tales of a Co-ed Dropout by Judith Treesburg

Too Intelligent to be Deaf: Another Mother Responds by Andrea L Bethea

From Too Intelligent to be Deaf: Another Mother Responds: You can imagine my confusion when one day her teacher told me that my daughter had to transfer to the school for the deaf because her hearing loss was too great for the oral program. After 10 years of being told by these same people that that kind of education would be the worse thing I could do for her, they were telling me that she had to go. I felt like she had be given a sentence and I refused the transfer for about six months. Finally I consented to try it, and within a few months it was very obvious to me that I should have sent her to this “total communication" school long before.

Created Date: 08-01-1988
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