Anne Braun

BMC Facilitator Bio

The Bilingual Mediation Center works with professionals in the arena of teaching, interpretation, and assessment. These colleagues are of the highest caliber and meet or exceed our standards.

Anne has been practicing interpreting in the DC/ Maryland area since 1997. She currently works in government, community, VRS and mental health settings. Anne was first exposed to the Integrated Model of Interpreting (IMI) work at The Bicultural Center in the early 90’s. She has been a part of The Etna Project for ten years. Her on-going study of the IMI allowed her to be more introspective and reflective about her work and the decisions she makes. Anne has recently begun facilitating Foundations and IMI seminars, both in person and online. This has allowed her to further her understanding of the IMI and to see the benefits to learning and discovering with a Vgotskian framework.

Foundations of Interpreting

The Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series provides insights into The Integrated Model of Interpreting and the processes we engage in while interpreting. Click here for more information on the series as well as a schedule of current seminars being offered.

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