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In a collaborative effort to bring in-depth professional development opportunities to Deaf Interpreters, seminars for Deaf Foundations IV, and Deaf Foundations I & II combo are being offered. The cost may be prohibitive for those working in areas where they receive few assignments. These seminars are taking place because we commit to Deaf Interpreters' participation in the Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series. The coordinators for these events are seeking sponsorship to defray costs for participants.

Hearing and Coda interpreters who have benefited from taking Foundations in the past are invited to donate to this Deaf Interpreter Foundations Series. Your donation will make this series possible.

Your support as an ally is greatly appreciated.

Deaf Foundations III March 2017

from the Deaf Foundations III Seminar, March 2017

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Deaf Foundations: Ally Donations

BMC is making the Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series available to Deaf Interpreters. You're invited to donate to help defray the cost and provide these seminars to Deaf Interpreters.

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Filming Foundations

Contribute to the creation of a videotext, where the concepts and approaches of IMI will be discussed further, at GoFundMe


The Etna Project Retreat Series

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