Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series

This widely acclaimed seminar series focuses on components of the Integrated Model of Interpreting in a low-stress, highly interactive environment.

Participants will learn how to convey equivalent messages by working through graduated texts and activities beginning in consecutive mode in earlier modules and moving to simultaneous modes of interpreting in later modules.

Working on skills in small groups, such as text analysis, back translations and collaborative interpreting, participants develop tools for understanding and improving their own processes. Participants will also develop the language necessary to discuss the interpreting task using non-evaluative, non-judgmental language with each other and integrate strategies for continuing their own improvement.


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Comments from Foundations Evaluations

In what ways did the workshop presenter facilitate your learning?

The fact we started from the ground and built up.. Identifying our own starting points, habits, and thought processes. Then taking us through each step of analyzing a message, each component stripped down to the nuts/bolts. Then how these components at the core are the message, and if you change just one part it can effect everything.

What kind of follow-up would aid in your learning development?

Practicing CRP using videos

Any suggestions, ideas, or comments?

Thank you for establishing a safe environment for me to learn. As a student this was an eye opening experience. (A good one. smile) I hope to continue to learn. A seed has been planted for me to analyze more deeply.

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Deaf Foundations: Ally Donations

The Deaf Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series is offered for Deaf Interpreters. This specialized series is for Deaf Interpreters only.

Donations from the larger interpreting community and elsewhere help to defray the cost of providing these seminars to our Deaf Interpreter colleagues.

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Foundations in Your State

Bring the Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series to your interpreting community! Coordinate with your local RID Affilliate Chapter or with colleagues to offer the series locally.