Mastery in Mentoring: Lifelong Learning



The 2018 edition of RID's VIEWS includes this submission in ASL, featuring Kelly Decker and Betty Colonomos.

Kelly Decker and Betty Colonomos from VIEWS article

Group of interpreters engaged in discussion.At the Bilingual Mediation Center we continue to direct our energy to the development of tools and processes which foster understanding and respect for each other's needs and goals.

Our approach is to serve Interpreting Communities and offer them custom-designed Professional Development Programs and work with them on a continuing basis.

Each community has a history, demographics, and issues to consider when deciding what changes are to be made and how these may be brought about in a constructive manner.

This approach provides sequenced instructional sessions, with adequate spacing to allow for practice, experience, and integration of skills taught in earlier training.

We provide these services:

  • Direct training of interpreters at all levels
  • Development of appropriate assessments and diagnostic tools
  • Assistance to interpreter educators by designing curriculum and effective methods for teaching interpretation
  • Implementation of programs to refine performance (e.g.. mentorship)
  • Creation of materials to assist interpreters to develop further


"Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn" - Benjamin Franklin

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Deaf Foundations: Ally Donations

The Deaf Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series is offered for Deaf Interpreters. This specialized series is for Deaf Interpreters only.

Donations from the larger interpreting community and elsewhere help to defray the cost of providing these seminars to our Deaf Interpreter colleagues.

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The Etna Project Retreat Series

The Etna Project returns to Maryland!

The series is scheduled from December 2018 through June 2019 at the Blue Mountain Retreat Center.

There will be no series in New Hampshire for 2019.

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Foundations of Interpreting

The Foundations of Interpreting Seminar Series provides insights into The Integrated Model of Interpreting and the processes we engage in while interpreting.

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