Traditionally we think of publications as printed, formal documents, informative and scholarly articles, chapters in a book compilation, books, etc.

Today, technology is pushing the expansion of the concept of publications to include information on websites including speeches in both spoken and signed languages.

Here you will find printed materials, including the TBC News and articles in other publications. Some copyrighted materials on the IMI (Integrated Model of Interpreting) are also shared as resource material.

You'll also find the Seeds to Sow vlog, with short presentations on various topics in ASL designed to elicit dialogue and discussion. These also offer the opportunity for interpreters to work into written English, submitting translations of the vlogs.


Contributions to the Field of Interpreting

  • Reflections of an Interpreter Trainer

    Published in The Reflector: A Journal for Sign Language Teachers and Interpreters, Volume 2, Winter, 1982.

    This in-depth analysis of Interpreter Training as it was in the early 1980's still has relevance to programs today. After emphasizing the need for programs to provide a model of the many tasks in the interpreting process, Colonomos' further insights highlight the need to be aware of deficits students bring with them into programs, including language fluency in both ASL and English.

  • A Semantic Look at Sign Glosses

    Published in The Reflector: A Journal for Sign Language Teachers and Interpreters, Volume 9, Spring, 1984.

    A look at the problems with glossing sign, some semantic and grammatical functions of adjectives and verbs, and their importance for 2nd language learners.

  • TBC News 1988

    WELCOME TO THE TBC NEWS! Premiere Issue of TBC News, March, 1988.

    The TBC News will Keep you up-to‐date with information about ASL, Deaf Culture, interpreting, education, and advocacy. We’ll let you know what’s going on in this country and other parts of the world. And we’ll suggest ways to make your work more effective. Best of all, The TBC News will be there every month to let you know you are not alone, but part of a growing network of Deaf activists and hearing supporters who are becoming more visible every day.

  • The Performance of Nonnative Speakers of American Sign Language: A Question of Proficiency

    From: LaBara, A. and L. M Bailey (Ed) Issues in L2: Theory as Practice/Practice as Theory. Delaware Symposium 7 (1985) Norwood, NH: ABLEX Publishing, 1990

    The pilot study reported here investigates the performance of three experienced ASL signers' interaction with a native user of ASL on a common topic. A number of grammatical and discourse features are examined.

  • Sign Language Interpreters and the Quest for a Deaf Heart

    "But what about ‘Deaf heart’? In my travels and conversations with many interpreters, codas, and members of the Deaf Community it has become clearer that we still are not adequately capturing the qualities and behaviors of Deaf-heart interpreters. It is not about laws, services, ethics (at least from majority/privilege perspective), or training. It is something that can’t be taught. It is difficult to explain, yet palpably absent.

    The internalization of a Deaf heart must come from the interpreter’s own sense of justice and morality."

    Published on the Street Leverage website >>
  • Sign Language Interpreters Fostering Integrity

    Betty Colonomos presented, Sign Language Interpreters Fostering Integrity, at StreetLeverage - Live 2013 in Atlanta. Her talk explored how sign language interpreters operate with integrity and the professional mechanisms needed ensure the highest standards are upheld.

    Watch the recorded presentation, made possible by Street Leverage.

  • Seeds to Sow Vlog

    You are invited to participate in an open dialogue forum between the interpreting community and the Deaf Community using ASL as the primary language for discussing issues we face together. I have posted some topics in ASL asking for input from both communities in ASL.

    I have posted some topics in ASL asking for input from both communities in ASL. You are welcome to comment on a post or generate a new topic. All submissions are to be in ASL and will be reviewed before posting.

    Please join me at the Seeds to Sow vlog.

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